Top 5 Wealth Creation Links

Wealth-Journey brings you the Top 5 self-published Personal Finance books

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Investment Property: How did a 29 year old buy 8 properties with no money? Learn how one property can assist in acquiring the next. And the next. The book shows shortcuts to an early retirement. There is no upsell. The author, Kashan Maharaj, is clear cut and lays all cards on the table. True-life experiences shared in the toolkit will have you reading cover to cover in one go. It is less than 100 pages long. The book is tailored for South Africans, however, the tips and tricks still apply in the USA, Canada and UK. Click Here!

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Property Flipping: Buying, renovating and then selling a property for profit. Steve Houlihan shares the key mistakes he made in “The 10 Deadly Sins of Renovating for Profit”. Committing even 1 sin results in you breaking even. Committing 2 sins could result in financial ruin. Getting it right, equals early retirement. The content is impeccable, however, the look and feel is found wanting.   Click Here!

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Passive Income Generators: “50 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep” is a 450 page bible on creating passive income. 25 Methods are internet based and 25 are non-internet. The internet is the largest marketplace and presents many opportunities. We learn that “Get rich quick” is possible. “Get rich easy” is not. Do not be overwhelmed with the numerous options presented. Find your genius and stick with it. Click Here!

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Personal Finance: Redefine financial freedom, understand money management, ways to earn more money, investments, business tips, banking and do’s and don’ts. “Unlock The Door To Financial Freedom” is a one stop guide to frugality and refined living. Even the rich are frugal. The book includes unique tips which will leave your jaws dragging the floor. Not enough time spent on real estate and rentals, however, it is still a great personal finance book. Click Here!




Retirement: Once you have the nest egg, does it all end there? We had to share columnist, Robert Laura’s book on retirement. Running out of money pales in comparison to running out of family, friends and good health. There is no better journal out there that prepares you for retirement better than the “Naked Retirement”. The focus being wellness, instead of wealth. If you are on the path to an early retirement, this is a must read. If not, you will receive very little benefit from the book. Click Here!